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Inverter system

Operating motors with and without encoders

The CDB2000 by LTI Drives (Germany) inverter system is suitable for the operation of asynchronous motors with and without encoders. It is the cost-optimized 750-W version of the company’s CDB3000.

The product is IP54-rated (Photo: LTI Drives)

IT SUPPORTS THE FOLLOWING CONTROL MODES: v/f characteristic line control (VFC), sensorless speed control (SFC), and speed control. The unit provides a line filter, a braking chopper, CANopen (CiA 402), a simple programmable PLC, STO safety functions, and additional technology features available without an extra charge. According to the company the system provides everything a user needs for a single- or multi-axis application. A separate 24-V power supply is necessary for operation. Additionally, the product comes with an integrated brake chopper and uses “wall mounting” as a cooling method. Possible application fields are lift mechanism functions, positioning functions, PI-process controller, and power failure bridging. The device is available in seven sizes with a power range from 2 A up to 210 A.

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