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Conveying system

For plastic processing plants

Wittmann (Austria), part of the Battenfeld group, has introduced a CAN-based conveying system. It can control up to 248 material handling devices.

Up to 32 Feedmax devices are connectable to one network; a complete network system can comprise up to eight CAN networks (Photo: Wittmann)

THE FEEDMAX DEVICES CAN BE LINKED via CAN networks. The IPC/Teachbox-Touchscreen is used to visualize the conveyor system and to configure connected devices. The LS-A30 T line server controls up to 31 BM-4/4 bus modules. These bus modules provide individual control of vacuum loaders, blower stations, central filters, dry-air valves, purging valves, etc. Arbitrary functions can be assigned to the four digital inputs and outputs.

The company has also launched the Feedmax S3 net flow controller and material loader. It comes with a 4,3-inch TFT display and is suitable for 1,1-kW motors providing a capacity of 200 kg/h.
The CAN-connectable unit combines the features of stand-alone loaders with the control system known from central conveying systems. For higher capacities, for example for longer distances in material conveying, the Feedmax BS net is available. It can be combined with blowers for a capacity of up to 7,5 kW.

The plastic processing industry is very CAN-minded. For many years, Euromap and CiA have cooperated in the standardization of CANopen interfaces for extruder downstream devices (CiA 420 series). Euromap has also adapted the CiA 404 profile for temperature control in injection molding machines.

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