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Drive controller

CiA 402 compliant and with STO inputs

The Combivert F6-K by KEB (Germany) provides a default CAN interface. Additionally it comes with local STO (safe torque-off) inputs.

The Combivert F6-K series of drive controllers are available in different versions covering a power range from 1,5 kW to 900 kW (Photo: KEB)

SINCE MANY YEARS, KEB SUPPORTS CANOPEN CONNECTIVITY. It is still the most used communication interface. Any drive is equipped by default not just with CAN hardware but also with CiA 402 compliant software. Other CiA 402 compatible interfaces such Ethercat and Varan are supported by means of add-on modules. In addition, the products provide a EIA $22/485 interface for diagnostic purposes.

The Combivert F6-K drives feature redundant STO inputs according to ISO 13849-1, PL (performance level) e respectively IEC 62061 SIL (safety integrity level) 3. Available for 230 V, 400 V, and 690 V, the products are suitable to operate with asynchronous, synchronous, linear, spindle, or torque motors with or without feedback systems. In addition to classic resolver and TTL-incremental encoder, SIN/COS-, SSI-, Hiperface-, EnDat-, and BISS-encoders are processed on two channels of the multi-encoder interface. Generic digital (eight inputs and four outputs) and analog (three inputs and two outputs) I/O-signals reduce the requirement for external I/O modules.

With internal speed and torque control and the single-axis positioning the drive controller is prepared for dynamic tasks. Due to the local computing power the need for powerful host controllers is reduced substantially. Mechanical design options with variable cooling solutions for air and water cover special requirements on heat dissipation in machines and switchgear. For a safe operation matching line reactors and motor chokes, harmonic filters, sinusoidal output filters, braking resistors and EMC filters are available for the environment C1 and C2.

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