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Parker Hannifin’s SSD Drives division (USA) has extended its AC30 frequency inverter family. The drives optionally provide CANopen connectivity.

The AC30 drives can be used for closed-loop control applications (Photo: Parker Hannifin)

THE MOST IMPORTANT EXTENSION IS the optional pulse encoder feedback module. It allows the user to run the drive in closed-loop control rather than open-loop control. This provides optimization in dynamic applications, such as winding and cranes, where the speed or torque of the motor requires accurate control. The products can control either AC induction or permanent magnet AC motors.

Featuring integrated energy monitoring functionality, the frequency inverters facilitate the matching of motor speed to varying application demands, thus reducing energy consumption. This not only saves money, but can extend the mechanical life of motors, pumps, fans, and ancillary equipment such as ducting or pipework.

Despite its simple design, no compromise was made when it comes to the functionality of the extended drives, stated the supplier. Application macros are provided for situations requiring pre-defined functions like PID control, pump control, fan control, or preset speeds. Furthermore, the products feature local I/O and real-time clock modules. Parker’s PDQ drive configuration software is provided free-of-charge, and an SD memory card slot on the drive support firmware upgrades and allows drive configuration and data to be stored.

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