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Motion control module

Multi-axis positioning and synchronization

The MACS4-DSP motion control module from Zub (Switzerland) takes on multi-axis motor positioning and synchronization tasks inside modern machines. It also includes a CANopen interface.

The unit can also be used standalone for devices without a super- visor system (Photo: Zub)

THE PRODUCT IS A SINGLE AND MULTI-AXIS control unit used in the plant and manufacturing industry. For incremental and absolute encoders, interfaces like CANopen, Ethercat, USB, and EIA-485 are included in the product. They are responsible for any data exchange with PLCs, PCs, servo amplifiers, frequency converters or I/O extensions. Development tools are free of charge and enable programming and online debugging. The device can be used as a motion control slave module or as a stand-alone control solution.

The product’s positioning functions are: configurable homing, absolute and relative positioning, and programmable velocity profiles. Additionally, the entire set of motion or regulation parameters and the mode of operation can be altered on the fly with automatic recalculation of the motion profile. The unit features a CANopen master/slave functionality and EIA-485 data exchange with Danfoss frequency converters. Application fields of the product are storage (cart positioning), feeding (synchronous feeding), winding (position synchronization), and labeling (marker synchronization).

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