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Refrigerator systems for the road

The Eco-Drive Gensets by TRS are power systems for road transport. A distinctive feature of the units is the hydraulic drive of the generator. The units have been developed to save weight and fuel.

The units can drive up to two reefer cars (Photo: TRS)

THE UNIT IS FITTED TO THE CHASSIS and driven by a hydro pump. This hydro pump is connected to the PTO (power take-off) motor of the truck. The hydraulic system in turn drives a generator that delivers 400 V to 460 V, depending on the frequency. Integrated in the hydraulic system is a control, which ensures that the generator always runs the same revolutions. For the so-called X-flow, a pump with variable output is used. By varying the output with the engine revolutions, the liquid flow in the system remains constant, and thus the revolutions of the engine and generator as well. To keep the frequency as constant as possible, this control works completely electronically and in less than no time. To do this, the system communicates with the CAN network of the vehicle.

One of the drive’s features is the absence of a separate diesel motor for driving the generator, which creates fuel savings of approximately 60 %. Modern truck engines have much higher efficiency than the industrial engines used in diesel-driven refrigeration units and gensets. The emission of soot particles is also a factor of 10 to 20 times higher than in truck engines.

The units weigh 140 kg and enable fuel savings of 2 l to 5 l per hour. Even with idle running, the full capacity is available. The systems have no daily control points like oil and water level. When the driver lets the vehicle roll or drives downhill, the eco-power turns fully on the brake energy of the vehicle. In this way the system saves not only fuel but also the brake system of the truck. According to the company, the systems can be fitted on nearly all makes of trucks. For this, the truck must be fitted with a continuous PTO. This is usually fitted on the distribution of the engine. Sometimes it is however possible to retro-fit a PTO for the fitting of the drive.

TRS (Netherlands) specializes in the development and production of refrigeration systems for road transport. Using an efficient truck engine means its systems save fuel. A low weight and the use of modern technology are important in this.

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