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Sine wave inverter and battery charger

Power supply at the beach

The Combi-Power 2012/2024 by Dometic is a solution for caravan drivers when having a limited power supply, for example at the shore. One of the interfaces of the device is a CAN network, which is responsible for the power management.

The product measures 490 mm x 145 mm x 285 mm, weighing 14 kg (Photo: Dometic)

THE INVERTER/BATTERY CHARGER COMBO constantly monitors the mains input and responds accordingly. For example, it boosts the limited capacity of an external energy source with power from the battery. Should the external source fail completely, the inverter turns on automatically to provide the connected consumers with a pure sine wave voltage. A gentle and adaptive six-stage charging process is the hallmark of the battery charger: its charging capacity is regulated depending on the setting of the current limiter and 230-V consumption.

The charging current can be adjusted to match the battery capacity (20 A to 100 A). The product features an additional 5-A charger for starter batteries. The charging capacity is regulated to match the set power limit and the current power consumption. The sine wave inverter comes with 2000 W continuous power and 4000 W peak power for four seconds for high start-up draw. The product features EIA-232, a temperature sensor battery, and an external failure signal. Its input voltage ranges from 12 V to 24 V.

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