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Frequency inverter

For controlled three-phase drives

KEB’s (Germany) Combivert G6 series was designed as an “all-in-one” solution for controlled three-phase drives within one device. The included CAN control provides a CANopen interface according to CiA 301 with two RJ45 sockets.

The inverters come with PL-e and SIL-3 (Photo: KEB)

THE FREQUENCY INVERTER IN THE POWER RANGE 0,75 kW to 30 kW offers technical features for machine and plant builder applications. The heart of the drive controller consists of a 32-bit micro-controller, providing encoder-less operation of three-phase motors with shaft performance. In addition to the classic V/f-operation mode, the sensor-less motor control algorithms ASCL or SCL for synchronous motors are optionally available. The basic version of the operating v/Hz - and the SMM-control method (sensorless motor management) uses conventional tasks with asynchronous drives for output frequencies up to 800 Hz.

Sampling of inputs and outputs, eight parameter sets to host PLC-tasks, serial communication via CAN, Ethercat, Varan, brake control, and the integrated braking transistor are further features of this series.
The converters offer eight digital inputs, two digital outputs, two relays and one pulse-train for CAN. The inverters also feature two universal analog inputs and two outputs. The CAN interface has a transmission rate of up to 1 Mbit/s.

The software for parameterization contains the CiA 301 protocol as well as the operating mode „Velocity Mode“ according to CiA 402. On request the inverter versions Analog/Digital and CAN are available without safety functionality, without LCD, and with a keyboard. A motor mounted inverter is also available. It comes with a die-cast housing and offers all performances for decentralized installations with a direct mounting of the power electronics at the location of the terminal box of KEB geared motors.

Safety in the drive is supported with „Safe Torque OFF“ (STO), according to EN 13849-1 up to performance level “e”. All sizes are equipped with an internal EMC filter ready for the installation, whose special property is a minimum leakage current (< 5 mA) against earth and motor cable lengths up to 100 m. The filter technology of the inverter is distinctive: The integrated EMC-solution is designed according to EN 61800-3 for C1 and C2 environments and motor cables of up to 50 or 100 meters, with minimal leakage currents of less than 5 mA.

Possible applications for the inverter include food production, packaging technology, conveyor and storage technology, cranes and other lifting devices, compressors, elevators, wood machine and textile equipment, escalators, and medical technology.

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