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Servodrive and servomotor

Brushless and digital

The Fast-Back from Axor Industries (Italy) is an all-in-one unit of brushless servodrive and servomotor. It is fully digital and complies with the CANopen protocols CiA 301 version 4.02 and CiA 402 version 2.0.

After a storage duration of one year, the internal electrolytic power capacitors must be re-formed (Photo: Axor Industries)

THE TORQUE OF THE UNIT RANGES FROM 1,1 Nm to 7,5 Nm and it comes with a power supply of 220 VAC. A motion controller with a CAN interface and EMC line filter suppression are integrated. The product is also available with a multi-turn absolute encoder. The decentralized structure gives the user freedom in designing their machine’s installation layout.

Other features of the product are its integrated positioning control and its CANopen protocol implementations (CiA 301 and CiA 402). Additionally, it is fully programmable via EIA-232 and provides a Speeder-One software interface, which is Windows 98/2000/XP based. Special flanges and shafts, connection orientation, and windings of the unit are available on request. Also on request, two digital inputs and one digital output are available. The actuator is IP65-, IP54-, and IP65S- (shaft sealing) rated and comes with an operating temperature between -0 °C and 40 °C.

Possible applications of the unit include food processing, labeling equipment, adjustment of formats, medical equipment, laser/water jet cutters, pick-and-place equipment, industrial printing, and metal working machines.

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