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Drive controller

Real-time communication in book format

Real-time communication with the control level is the main focus of the drive controller series KEB Combivert S6. The servo system offers Ethercat, Varan, and CAN as serial interfaces.

The Combivert S6 only measures 50 mm x 250 mm (Photo: KEB)

THE EIA 232/485 DIAGNOSTIC INTERFACE INCLUDES A PC CONNECTION and is also configured for the connection of LCD clear text operating panels. The device control unit also processes analog (2 In / 2 Out) and digital (8 In / 2 Out) signals from the periphery.

The devices are configured for 3-phase power connection in the voltage range of 200 VAC to 480 VAC, 50 Hz/ 60 Hz. The series consists of two physical installation sizes in the power range up to 7,5 kW. Another feature is the integrated noise suppression, designed to the C1 and C2 environments according to EN 61800-3 with leakage currents

The first installation size in book format of 50 mm x 250 mm comprises nominal outputs of up to 2,2 kW and is configured for a 8-kHz nominal switching frequency with a 250 % overload, which is used mainly for the connection of typical synchronous servomotors. The braking resistor in the power section for the direct connection of external brake resistance, an integrated brake control, and motor temperature monitoring per PTC or KTY sensor round off the device series.

Functional safety requirements are addressed with the safety function STO according to ISO 13849-1, performance level PL-e / SIL-3 / EN 62061. The requirement for standardization is addressed by the device's firmware, i.e. a software the covers a range of motor operations and, in the various operating modes, regulates asynchronous, synchronous, IPM or synchronous reluctance motors.

Additional variants for the network solutions Profinet, Powerlink and Ethernet IP, as well as modular safety functions for SS1, SS2, SOS and SLS, will also be added to the series.

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