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For e-mobility and vehicular applications

Advanced Motion Controls (USA) has launched the DVC250A060 and DVC200A100 CANopen devices. They can be configured by means of the AMC’s Driveware 7 software tool.

The motor controllers are designed for continuous currents of 125 A resp. 250 A (Photo: AMC)

THE M/V FAMILY OF MOTOR CONTROLLERS are for four-quadrant servo drives purpose designed and built to operate today’s mobile electric vehicular platforms. Specific applications include: mobile robots, AGV’s (automated guided vehicle), UGV’s (unmanned ground vehicle), material handling, and transport vehicles in both industrial and military environments. The series provides high-power from battery supplies with multiple operating modes, IP65 rating and compact design for either permanent magnet brushed or brushless motors. The products are suitable for traction, propulsion, steering, lifting or any other electrically driven actuation such as compressors, winches and hoists.

The DVC (digital motor controllers) operate in profile current (torque), profile velocity, profile position, cyclic synchronous current, cyclic synchronous velocity, or cyclic synchronous position mode as specified in CiA 402. The setup and configuration parameters for these modes are commissioned through the configuration software. The complete list of supported and implemented CANopen can be downloaded from the company’s website.

There are a number of different feedback options available. The feedback element can be any device capable of generating a signal proportional to current, velocity, position, or any parameter of interest. Such signals can be provided directly by a potentiometer or indirectly by other feedback devices such as Hall sensors or encoders.

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