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Brushless motors

Minimal cogging torque

Kern Antriebstechnik (Germany) has expanded their precision motors with the BL series. It enables exact positioning via hall sensors and comes with a CAN interface.

(Photo: Kern)

AT THE SPS IPC DRIVES 2014, THE COMPANY SHOWCASED their product series, which comes with a minimal cogging torque, making exact positioning possible. According to the company, more pole pairs are used in these brushless drives than in most other drives.

The series consists of positioning drives for precision machines. The drives are suitable for applications that have to work without an encoder. An additional feature is the wire-wrap technique used in the product, as it leads to its compact dimensions. The series comes with six BLDC-motors, torque of 0,2 Nm to 1,3 Nm, speed of 3000 revolutions per minute, and power of 50 W to 400 W. The series is usually equipped with hall sensors but is optionally available with gear units or absolute single and multiturn encoders. Additionally the motors are available with interfaces such as CAN, Profibus, and Ethernet.

According to the company, the product is especially suitable for precise mechanical and optical equipment machinery and sensitive production parts where an exact and slow approach to the intended position without vibration is necessary.

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