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Servo and stepper motor

Synchronization with CiA 402

At the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Servotronix (IL) presented linear servo and stepper motors on the same network. The components were synchronized with CiA 402.

The system at the SPS IPC with 2 ms cycle time (Photo: CiA)

FROM NOVEMBER 25 TO 27, VISITORS COULD SEE the Soft MC, a multi-axis motion control software and hardware package that offers programming capabilities for a variety of automation and robotics applications. It can control up to 64 interpolated axes and comes with capabilities for both standard and non-standard robotic kinematics. Its software core has been implemented in motion and robotic applications for over 15 years and customized software solutions can be embedded into the customer‘s hardware. The controller’s software is modular, real-time, and Linux-based. It accepts user and general purpose software applications under Linux. It is available as an Ethercat or a CANopen version, according to CiA 301 (CANopen application layer and communication profile), CiA 305 (CANopen layer setting services and protocols), and CiA 402-1, -2, and -3 (CANopen device profile for drives and motion control).

The employed Step IM stepper motor comes with closed loop control. Integrated stepper motors can provide a solution for applications that require the performance of a servo at the price level of a stepper. The integrated electronics control the stepper motor as a two phase BLDC motor, implementing position loop, velocity loop, DQ current control, as well as additional algorithms. The stepper comes with closed loop commutation, by means of an absolute single-turn encoder and operates in torque, velocity, and position modes. The stepper supports CiA 402.

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