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Variable speed drive

Induction motor control

WEG’s MW500 is dedicated for induction motor control, with embedded features and a protection degree of IP66 / NEMA 4X. These allow decentralized installation directly on the motor or on a wall.

The drives come with a switch-disconnector (Photo: WEG)

DESIGNED FOR INDUSTRIAL OR PROFESSIONAL USE, the decentralized WEG VSD (variable speed drive) adds flexibility, allowing the user to install the product near the controlled motor, thus eliminating the necessity of long cables and panels. The drives communicate via CANopen, Devicenet, and other protocols. The drives have an analog potentiometer already built-in, as well as a switch-disconnector.

In order to make CANopen communication possible, it is necessary to use the CFW500-CCAN CAN communication kit. Information on the installation of this module can be obtained in the guide that comes with the kit. The interface is electrically isolated and with differential signals, which grants more robustness against electromagnetic interference. It allows the connection of up to 64 devices to the same segment. More devices can be connected via repeaters. A maximum network length of 1000 m can be managed.

The CANopen protocol for the MW500 was developed based on the following specifications and documents: CiA 301 (Application layer and communication profile), CiA 303-1, (Cabling and connector pin assignment), CiA 306 (Electronic data sheet specification), and CiA 402 (Device profile drives and motion control).

It is possible for the MW500 to be assembled on a wall or, using the terminal box coupling, directly over W22 or W21 motors. The optional communication network and I/O modules allow the adaptation of the standard VSD to each application. The built-in PLC (SoftPLC) allows the VSD, motor, and application to work in an interactive way. It allows the user to implement customized logic and applications. It is possible to download the SoftPLC program and parameters setup from a MW500 to others without powering them up. Protection against contact with internal live parts is given, avoiding the entrance of dust or water coming from jets.

The Sleep mode disables the VSD automatically and the Flying Start allows to start a motor that was running freely, accelerating it from the speed at which it was running. The Ride Through function keeps the VSD in operation during voltage dips. The drives are protected against ground fault, short circuit, and over temperature.

Possible applications for the drives include centrifugal pumps, process pumps, mixers and bottlers, conveyor belts, compressors, fans, and washers and driers.

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