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Parallel gripper

Reducing cycling times

The Schunk (Germany) EGL 70 mechatronic parallel gripper comes with variable gripping force between 50 N and 600 N. It was specifically developed for industrial applications.

The product provides CAN interfaces (Photo: Schunk)

SINCE THE FINGER POSITION, CLOSING SPEED, and gripping force are freely programmable within a maximum stroke of 48 mm per finger, diverse components with a weight of up to 3 kg can be handled in force-fit gripping. The gripper fingers can be prepositioned to reduce cycle times. The entire control and power electronics of the EGL are integrated to save space and to allow decentral operation and even mobile use, thanks to the 24 VDC operating voltage. CAN and Profibus interfaces the integration in higher level system controllers.

The gripper also features a USB-port as a service interface. A brushless servo motor ensures continuous and reliable operation with no maintenance required. To maintain the position in the event of a power outage the gripper features an electrically operated brake. According to the company, the EGL fulfills industrial standards and the basic version is connected only by means of industrial connectors, which reduces installation time. The mechatronic gripper is compatible with the modules for gripper systems from Schunk. In combination with quick-change systems and other robot accessories it can increase the flexibility and efficiency of handling processes. It is suitable for diverse applications in the field of industrial assembly technology, mechanical engineering, and lab automation.

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