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CANopen PC boards

For integrating positioning controllers

Maxon (Switzerland) has extended the support of CANopen interface boards for its Epos2 servo controllers. Besides the PC interfaces from Ixxat, National Instruments (NI), and Vector, the products from Kvaser and the NI-Xnet are supported, too.

The motion controller can be connected to CANopen and other serial links such as USB and EIA 232 (Photo: Maxon)

DEPLOYMENT OF PC-BASED HOST CONTROLLERS rather than traditionally used PLCs are becoming increasingly prevalent in practice. Therefore, the Swiss motion controller supplier has added software support for Kvaser’s CANopen interface boards as well as the NI-Xnet interface unit by NI.

The libraries for Intel/AMD (Windows 32/64-bit) have been extended with a Linux 64-bit version. Moreover, additional support of 32-bit ARMv6/v7 solutions allows the broad scale use of trend platforms, such as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone. The documented libraries are freely available. According to the provider, they simplify the integration of Epos2 CANopen slave drive controllers. The positioning controllers are CiA 402 compliant with some manufacturer-specific extensions. The libraries make interface programming obsolete. Customers can focus on the development of their application software.

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