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CANopen inverter

With single- and three-phase power supply

Motovario (Italy) has introduced the Drivon series of frequency inverters, which supports optionally the CiA 402 CANopen drive profile. The products can be powered by 230 V or 400 V.

The Drivon inverter devices provides a CiA 402 compliant CANopen interface (Photo: Motovario)

THE FREQUENCY INVERTER FEATURES A DEDICATED STO (safe torque-off) interface, which complies with SIL-2 (safety integrity level) according to IEC 61508. The product designed for pump, fan, and conveyor belt applications provides a CANopen interface supporting the CiA 402 profile. The Vectorial Check software ensures a constant motor torque throughout a wide range of frequencies without requiring the use of the servo-ventilation at low rpm (revolutions per minute) values. Conceived for different and variable supply conditions, the drive is available both in single-phase/three-phase version (200 V to 260 V / 47 Hz to 63 Hz) with a motor power between 0,25 and 1,5 kW, and in three-phase version (360 V to 480 V / 47 Hz to 63 Hz) with a motor power between 0,25 and 5,5 kW. The electronic part, available in 10 power sizes, is located in two different chassis sizes, one for power up to 1,5 kW and the other for power up to 5,5 kW.

The frequency inverter comes with configuration software that can be used to set the motor parameters through the USB port. During the product use, this software can be used to monitor the product reference values that can be displayed by means of the integrated oscilloscope function.

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