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Servo drive

Built-in CANopen networking

The SV7 series from Applied Motion Products (US) are servo drives with multiple control options. The SV7-C-CE supports the CANopen protocols CiA 301 and CiA 402.

The servo motors provide an EIA-232 interface for programming (Photo: AMP)

THE SV7-C-CE IS A PROGRAMMABLE DIGITAL SERVO DRIVE with built-in CANopen networking. The servo drives series is suitable for a range of motion applications. They are built around a digital signal processor coupled to a MOSFET PWM amplifier. The drives include 12 optically isolated I/O points plus analog inputs. A position loop provides independent digital settings for proportional, integral, and derivative gains plus velocity feedback and velocity and acceleration feed-forward.

All drives are capable of running brushless, brushed, and linear servo motors. A timing wizard automatically configures the encoder and commutation timing for brushless or brushed DC motors. Tuning is possible with the company’s Quick Tuner software, featuring a built-in digital oscilloscope.

The drives come with DSP-based current control, sinusoidal commutation, and jerk filter. They operate from 24 VDC to 80 VDC and provide a nominal motor current of up to 7 A continuous and a peak current of 14 A. The SV7-C-CE offers profile position, velocity, and torque modes as well as several homing modes. Additionally it comes with eight digital inputs, four digital outputs, and two analog inputs.