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Drive controller

Rotationally symmetrical foil keypad

Kostal (Germany) has presented the smallest member of its Inveor drive controller platform, the Inveor α, in a new housing. It can now also be optionally equipped with a rotationally symmetrical foil keypad.

The drive comes with PC software with integrated oscilloscope function (Photo: Kostal)

ON THE FOIL KEYPAD SYMBOLS ARE LAID OUT IN A CIRCLE, which means that the drive controller can be mounted in any position – on the wall or as a piggyback solution on the motor. Thus, for example, the start/stop command, the rotational direction change, or a reset can be carried out in any position. Because each symbol is backlit with a function LED, the mode of the device is visible at a glance. The drive controller comes with an integrated Soft-PLC, optional variants such as CANopen and Modbus-RTU, and other connections, such as interfaces for the handheld controller or the PC connection.

The drive controller is available in the performance categories 0,25 kW, 0,37 kW, 0,55 kW, and 0,75 kW. It is optimized for low motor ratings and offers economical and energy-efficient solutions that cover the requirements for applications in the low power range. For one thing, the newly designed housing is smaller and saves space when used in machinery design. For another, the number of components has been reduced, because the housing cover now serves as the connection to the motor, instead of the previously used adapter plate. The cover and the motor adapter join to form a single component with the help of upside-down assembly. Because this new base plate can be adapted to varied motors, the solution offers flexibility.

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