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For electrohydraulic power steering

The CPM90 series from Sonceboz (Switzerland) is a brushless DC electric motor (BLDC) for electrohydraulic power steering (EHPS). It comprises an integrated CAN controller.

The CPM90 (Photo: Sonceboz)

IN MODERN COMMERCIAL VEHICLES, EHPS paves the way for steering-related driver assistance systems. The hydraulic pressure comes from a pump driven by an electric motor. The required amount of steering assistance varies with driving conditions, so the motor and pump must provide a high dynamic range and smart vehicle integration. The CPM90 series’ subsystem approach, combining a motor with integrated CAN controller and dedicated software, makes it a solution for integration into a vehicle's functional network.

The product, developed in Germany and produced in Switzerland, weighs 3,5 kg and provides up to 1,7 kW at 24 V. Its efficiency minimizes the board net burden for improved vehicle fuel efficiency compared to traditional steering assistance, says the company. The series comprises a brushless, permanent-magnet synchronous motor as well as an integrated control unit. They exhibit a maximum efficiency over 90 % and for low voltage applications from 12 V to 72 V.

The ability to accept and process many types of input signals means that the drive units can be tuned to a range of applications and are interoperable with several components. Thus they obviate the need for any additional controllers. The company’s control software allows parameterization, analysis, and simulation in the intended environment. The series is capable of operation either as a motor or as a generator.

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