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Brushless DC motor

Air flow control in diesel engines

The BLDC actuator 5843 from Sonceboz (Switzerland) integrates drive electronics via a CAN network, a stator/rotor and a gear train. It is suitable for heavy-duty, harsh environments.

The unit measures 80 mm x 97 mm x 79 mm (Photo: Sonceboz)

THE BRUSHLESS DC (BLDC) ACTUATOR was designed to actuate variable turbine geometry, variable nozzle turbines, or waste gate on turbochargers of large diesel engines, from 3 l to 10 l. The 3-phases motor is a high performance electronically commutated actuator, coupled with a gear train and an embedded driver. Due to its height below 80 mm and weight below 750 g, it simplifies the integration of an electric valve for air loop management, either on the cold or on the hot side of the diesel engine.

This actuator delivers peak torque values of up to 4,5 Nm in a watertight housing. Due to the CAN control electronics with even more functions, processing power, and interface flexibility, it provides turbo manufacturers with an array of functionalities. Furthermore, it can operate in a supply voltage range between 9 V and 32 V.
The product delivers positioning times below 150 ms while providing positioning accuracy for finer air flow control at boost or low speeds. Its operating temperature range varies from -40 °C to 150 °C if water-cooling is integrated inside the actuator’s housing. With an absolute position sensor or a return spring as options, the 5843 acts as a stand-alone actuator. Application areas of the product are commercial vehicles, trucks, agriculture, and construction vehicles.

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