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At the Hanover Fair, Technische Antriebselemente presents a servo motor with an integrated controller. The motor, encoder, and control components have been developed so that the motor, driver, and controller form a unit.

The sale of the servo motor is limited to the German market (Photo: Technische Antriebselemente)

THIS UNIT OF MOTOR, DRIVER, AND controller reduces installation costs and facilitates a higher interference voltage resistance. With add-on modules it is possible to adapt the motor to an available PLC. Selectable connectors include sub-D, cable gland, or M12 connectors. The servo motor communicates via CANopen, Ethercat, Devicenet, Sercos, or other networks.

For stand-alone solutions, the company offers the possibility to integrate a nano-PLC into the motor. Additional possibilities include high-speed EIA-485, wireless-LAN, and Bluetooth modules. As an interface pulse/direction signal I/O, EIA-232 or EIA-485 can be used. According to the German company, no other motor on the market can provide this variety of possibilities.

The servo motors can be combined with the company’s planetary transmissions, linear axes, actuators, and screw jacks. The coding can be adjusted individually to the user’s applications.

The motor operates at a voltage of 12 VDC to 48 VDC, 115 VAC to 230 VAC / 3x400 VAC. It performs at 46 W to 3000 W with an engine speed up to 4000 revolutions per minute. It has a continuous torque 0,11 Nm to 9,55 Nm and a peak torque of 0,32 Nm to 25,2 Nm. The motor’s protection type is IP42 an IP67. Stepper motors are also available.

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Technische Antriebselemente
Hannover Messe