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Linear axes

Driving two axes via CANopen

With the complete linear axes of the Ecomplete series, Jenaer Antriebstechnik offers a standardized product with various variations. Axis mechanics, motor, and servo amplifier are matched and communicate via CANopen.

Part of the linear axes series are CANopen servo amplifiers (Photo: Jenaer Antriebstechnik)

AVAILABLE ARE SPINDLE AXES, toothed belt axes, and electric actuators. The spindle axes are designed in several sizes for feed forces of up to 3500 N and strokes between 100 mm and 2500 mm. The toothed belt axes provide feed forces up to 300 N and strokes between 100 mm and 6000 mm. The actuators have maximum forces up to 200 N and strokes between 50 mm and 300 mm.

Part of the complete linear axes is the appropriate servo amplifier. Here, the Ecovario 114, or the single PCB Ecomini Dual can be used. Both types of servo amplifiers, which were also developed by the German company, can drive up to two axes. Most of the axes can also be provided with the compact servo drive Ecompact, where the servo amplifier is integrated into the motor housing. The Ecompact is based on the Ecostep and Ecospeed motors. All amplifiers communicate via CANopen according to the CiA 301 and CiA 402 standards.

All axes are covered and intrinsically stiff. Ball rail systems are the basis for high accuracy. The spindle is equipped with a ball screw drive of tolerance class ISO 7. The spindle pitches can be selected between 5 mm and 16 mm. As fieldbus interfaces for the setpoint setting, CANopen, Ethercat, and other networks are available. Simple commissioning is supported by the software interface Eco Studio and predefined parameter sets.

By using encoder commutated synchronous motors of the Ecostep series, the axes can be used in applications where small masses have to be moved dynamically and with high accuracy. In addition, the axes require little space. Optionally, the motors are equipped with holding brakes and gears. Numerous encoder options (incremental, SinCos, absolute) at resolutions up to 160 000 inc / rev ensure the proper positioning accuracy. Reference and limit switches are integrated.

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