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DC servo motor

Size restricted applications

For laboratory automation and applications with size restrictions, Nanotec (Germany) has developed an EC motor. The motor has a flange size of 42 mm and integrated motor controller and encoder.

CiA 402 is supported (Photo: Nanotec)

THE PD2-C IS AVAILABLE AS A STEPPER MOTOR with an operating voltage of 12 V to 48 V and a nominal torque of 0,5 Nm, as well as a BLDC motor with a nominal output of 105 W and a peak output of up to 315 W. Due to its field-oriented control, the stepper motor behaves like a high-pole DC servo – with a higher torque but lower nominal speed than a BLDC motor. Therefore, many applications can be realized without a gear.

The motor controller is available in two versions: In the stand-alone version with a USB connection, the motors are actuated either via clock-direction or by a set value specified via the analog input. In the CANopen version, they are actuated via a serial bus system according to CiA 402. Both versions support application programs that are executed directly in the motor controller.

The company says their plug-and-drive motors are, due to their low installation effort and space and component requirements, an economic drive solution. The motors also deliver positioning accuracy of < 0,09° under different loads and exhibit synchronization properties.

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