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Brushless torque motor

Integrated servo drive and optical encoder

Allied Motion has released the Megaflux MFH170i series of 170-mm diameter housed brushless torque motors. They consist of a high performance brushless DC torque motor, a digital servo drive, and an optical encoder.

The aluminum housing offers IP50 (Photo: Allied motion)

ALL THE MOTOR'S ELEMENTS ARE INTEGRATED into a rugged machined aluminum housing with robust duplex bearings. The series features a 63,5 mm bore through shaft, and is characterized by a high torque-to-inertia ratio. The large-bore through shaft allows the passage of air, fluid, and/or vacuum lines, optical beams, and/or electrical lines.

The series is offered as a regular module with an integrated optical sine-cosine encoder, isolated CANopen or Modbus RTU communication ports, and DB-style connectors. Position control is therefore possible via CANopen, Modbus or .NET framework.

There are three stack lengths in the series with rated torque ranging from 2,17 Nm to 8,5 Nm and peak torque ranging from 8,5 Nm up to 16,9 Nm. The winding voltage is 48 V. The 3600 line integral sine encoder enables a programmable resolution multiplication factor of 22 up to 214.

This product was specifically designed for direct drive, high resolution positioning applications in semiconductor wafer handler robots, turret scanners, and similar precision manufacturing equipment and instrumentation.

Allied Motion Technologies is a US company focused exclusively on serving the motion control market. The company designs and manufactures motor and servo motion products for the commercial, industrial, aerospace, and defense markets.

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