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With M12 connectors and IP65 rating

Schneider Electric Motion USA has released the smallest Lexium MDrive integrated motor, 42 mm Nema size 17, with additional features: an IP65-rated version with industrial M12 connectors is now available.

With the Easy-on-board app, a tablet can be used instead of a terminal (Photo: Schneider Electric)

M12 LEXIUM MDRIVE PRODUCTS provide an interface, with IP65 certification for protection against water and dust in harsh environments. These products deliver up to two times the motor torque of larger motors with hMT closed loop technology. hMT never loses functional control of the motor, so derating a motor’s max torque by 50 % to prevent stalling can be eliminated.

Nema 17 Lexium MDrive products fit into small spaces, while reducing system wiring by up to 40 %. Interfacing numerous network communication protocols it enables interoperability with devices from various vendors. Network options include CANopen, serial EIA-422/485, and others with programmable motion control and pulse/direction input.

The Lexium MDrive CANopen is an integrated high torque stepper motor integrated with a high resolution microstepping driver and an CANopen interface supporting CiA 301 (CANopen Application Layer and Communication Profile) and CiA 402 (Device Profile for Drives and Motion Control). The stepper motor supports Service Data Objects (SDO), Process Data Objects (PDO), 4 Transmit, 4 Receive, Node Guarding, and Heartbeat. The CAN interface runs via a 5-position M12 (Male) A-coded connector in compliance with CiA 303-1 (CANopen Cabling and Connector Pin Assignment). Configuration may be accomplished using CiA 305 (Layer Setting Services) or the included GUI.

“Since successfully pioneering integrated motors, the MDrive brand remains 1st in a field of integrated motor followers,” said Paul Kling, VP Sales. “Product development, innovation and quality remain key to our success in meeting the needs of our customers. And now with Nema 17 Lexium MDrive products with M12 connectors and IP65 certification, an even more robust compact product is available”.

MDrive is a family of products integrating high-torque stepper motors (rotary and linear), controllers, I/Os, drive electronics, encoders, and closed-loop performance in packages. It is employed in a range of applications from medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical to assembly, robotics, and packaging.

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