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Frequency inverter

With optional CANopen module

Gefran has released two frequency inverters, the BDI50 and the VDI100. Both inverters can be integrated into machine architectures through optional CANopen modules.

The BDI50 inverter with integrated EMI filter (Photo: Gefran)

THE BDI50 INVERTERS CONCENTRATE CHARACTERISTICS required by modern industrial processes in one product. At the same time, the series complies with the needs of installers and system integrators who require forefront, practical solutions that are advantageous in terms of space, cost, and simplicity of use. A user-friendly interface and operation make the inverter series a solution for multi-purpose applications.

The integrated programming keypad with 5-digit, 7-segment LED display enables programming and immediate start-up. Speed adjustment is possible through an integrated potentiometer. The inverter features an I/O card to satisfy industrial standard applications. A 32-bit/100-MHz CPU design provides high performance, faster A/D conversion, and torque compensation.

An integrated EMI filter for interference suppression in compliance with EN61800-3 is included. A built-in braking transistor allows installation flexibility and panel space reduction. The coated PCB (printed circuit board) offers protection for harsh environments. BDI50 size 1 has a fan-less design with a cooling heatsink for greater robustness against humidity, dust, oil mist, and vibration. Sizes 2 to 4 come with a fan design to enhance the cooling ability.

Both inverters, the BDI50 and the VDI100, can be integrated into machine architectures through the integrated standard Bacnet and optional CANopen, Devicenet, and TCP-IP communication modules. The inverters integrate an EIA-485 serial line with Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol, for peer-to-peer or multidrop connections. On the BDI50, a frontal RJ45 with dust-proof socket makes access and use easy.

The VDI100 inverter with integrated Soft-PWM (Photo: Gefran)

The range of VDI100 inverters is designed to give flexibility of application to modern automation systems and ensure ease of use, while enabling advanced control capabilities for both asynchronous and permanent magnet SPM (surface mounted permanent magnet) and IPM (interior permanent magnet) motors. A coated PCB offers protection for harsh environments and all models have fan cooled external heatsinks, which eliminate the ingress of dust.

The inverters feature a user-friendly interface to enable immediate motor start-up and system functions to implement control architectures for advanced application solutions, all with maximum energy efficiency. The series offers automation system integration with standard configuration, optional cards, and accessories.

The inverter series integrates functions to simplify system integration, reduce costs, and improve comfort in industrial environments: over voltage suppression, motor auto-tune, low motor noise with Soft-PWM, and application presets. It also features an I/O card developed to give maximum flexibility.

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