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Industrial drive

CANopen or Modbus integrated

The Altivar 32 drive from Schneider Electric (Germany) offers numerous advantages in the control of asynchronous and synchronous motors operating in open loop mode. It complies with CANopen.

The Altivar 32 (Photo: Schneider Electric)

THE DRIVE COMES WITH: VERTICAL MOUNTING (side-by-side or sideways on), a circuit-breaker connected directly to the product, embedded Bluetooth which enables remote adjustment and parameter setting via mobile phone or PC. Additionally it provides integrated programmable logic functions as well as power supply on each motor starter isolated by padlockable circuit-breaker. There are provided 10 % more energy efficiency, on average, with a synchronous motor in open loop mode, by optimizing performance at low speed.

Either CANopen or Modbus is integrated as standard. Numerous other industrial communication networks can be accessed by inserting a communication cassette in the drive. These other networks can be: Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet, Ethercat, and others. Application fields are for example: hoisting machines, simple packaging machines, material handling machines, textile machines, special machines such as wood-working machines, metal processing machinery, and so on.

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