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High current loop accuracy

Gold Oboe is a series of compact servo drives that operates directly from the mains via 3-phase or single phase. The servo drives from Elmo Motion Control (IL) support communication via CANopen.

(Photo: Elmo Motion Control)

TYPICAL LINEAR MOTORS REQUIREMENTS involve smooth, precise, gentle operation combined with sharp, fast, high acceleration/deceleration movements. The Gold Oboe exhibits high current loop accuracy and a dynamic range of 1/2000, providing a fast response, wide bandwidth, and position loop at sampling rates of 100 μs at 480 VAC. This designates the drive as a solution for linear motors and DDRs (direct drive rotating motors). The drive supports deterministic network communication via CANopen according to CiA 301, CiA 305, and CiA 402. It also supports Ethercat.

With its capability of peaking almost 10 000 W at up to 480 VAC, a regeneration capability of 3000 W packed in a rugged metal package of 72 mm x 140 mm x 110 mm, and weighing only 1,1 kg, the drive can be mounted within the machine: next to the motor or on the moving load. This decreases moving cables, saves space, and eliminates electrical cabinet hardware.

The Oboe’s ratings are 13 A/270 VAC, 3 A/480 VAC, 6 A/480 VAC, or 10 A/480 VAC. The drive is a new member of Elmo’s Gold line AC input servo drives, which includes the Gold Bassoon (up to 10 A/270 VAC) and Gold Tuba (up to 40 A/480 VAC). The integrated fan operation is activated only when required and thus prolongs the fan’s life-time. An auxiliary 24 VDC power supply is required to power the control and the 24 VDC fan.

The drive is set up and tuned using EASII tools software tools. This Windows-based application studio enables users to implement the servo drive for use with the motor and the mechanical load. It supports a variety of feedback sensors in single, dual, and gantry loop configurations.

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