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Brushless motors with integral drive

Allied Motion's Endura Max family of brushless DC motors come with integral drive electronics. They offer solutions for a range of commercial and industrial motion applications.

The Endura Max family of brushless DC motors (Photo: Allied Motions)

TWO ENDURA MAX VERSIONS are available: The I series provides torque, speed, and/or position control, and the S series provides torque or speed control only. Listed here are the regular models, which can be filtered using your requirements data. Optional versions with holding brakes, CANopen, or Modbus communication, and other features are available as well.

The company’s Endura Max 95i series for example, are 95 mm diameter integrated brushless DC motor-drives intended for torque, speed, and/or position control in applications such as valve actuators, rotary, and linear actuators, conveyor drives, AGV vehicle traction or steering, and similar commercial/industrial applications.

The motor comes with integrated digital drive. According to the company, this motor’s quieter operation, longer life, and no need of brush maintenance makes it suitable to replace DC motors in equipment modernizations or new designs. The regular winding voltage choices are 12 VDC, 24 VDC, and 48 VDC, making these motor-drives particularly suited for battery-fed applications. The E95i provides continuous shaft power up to a nominal 545 W and rated torque of up to 2,3 Nm. Options for the unit include an integral holding brake, and isolated CANopen or Modbus communication. Custom design versions are available to match application requirements.

The series comes with IP50 protection level but IP67 is available on request. It also provides a EIA-232 setup port, an integrated magnetic encoder for positioning applications, as well as a PC-based HMI software, which simplifies drive setup and tuning.

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