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Linear actuator

For medical applications

With an old and two new products, Hanning Elektro-Werke provides a versatile trio in its Hamatic linear actuator line. This offers a package for all classes of drives. Communication is via CAN.

All Hamatic linear drives are delivered ready for installation (Photo: Hanning Elektro-Werke)

THE ADDED HAMATIC CAP 24 VDC brush drives are an alternative especially for price-sensitive markets, says the company. The Hamatic cap HL 11 and HL 12 linear actuators can be combined into sophisticated drive units and are suited for use in medical treatment chairs, for instance. The DC drives deliver forces of 6000 N or 8000 N. They are supplied with power and controlled by the HC 1 control box, which is able to handle up to three drives per system and allows for connecting a variety of hand and foot switches. The communication is realized via a CAN network.

The released brushless synchronous motors offer up to 60 % more power while maintaining the same size as the asynchronous versions. At the same time, the electronically commutated motors are just as rugged. The low-vibration drives are individually adapted to the respective medical application in terms of drive and process technology. They are constructed as an internal rotor with permanent magnets. Alternately, the motors can be equipped with 36 VDC or mains voltage. Their speed is infinitely variable.

Besides synchronous drives for the most stringent demands of the medical field, Hanning continues to offer its asynchronous motors. Their brushless motors include, among others, the models S 56, S 80, and S 95. According to the company, the rugged spindle of the linear actuators of asynchronous design has proven itself time and time again. Moreover, the motors are durable, which makes them reliable work horses, for example in dental chairs.

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