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Positioning control unit

Supports LSS and cyclic-synchronous modes

Maxon (Switzerland) has developed the Epos4 motion controller. It provides CANopen connectivity supporting the CiA 402 device profile.

(Photo: Maxon)

THE EPOS4 FAMILY IS SUITABLE to control brushed DC and brushless EC (BLDC) motors up to approximately 750 W. The unit supports various feedback options, such as Hall sensors, incremental encoders as well as absolute sensors in a multitude of drive applications. Besides the CANopen interface, the product is equipped with USB and EIA-232 interfaces. With an extension board it can be connected to Ethercat.

The positioning control unit implements cyclic-synchronous modes for torque, velocity, and position control (as specified in CiA 402). Additionally, it features profile velocity, profile position, interpolated position, and homing mode. The digital I/O functionality includes touch probe, reference switch, limit switch, quick stop, and drive enable. The configurable digital outputs comprise position compare, holding brake, and ready/fault. A safe-torque-off (STO) function is available, too.

The CANopen interface is capable to run up to 1 Mbit/s. It complies with CiA 305 supporting the layer setting services (LSS). This means, the node-ID can be assigned by the LSS master via the CAN network. The smallest family member measures 59,5 mm x 46 mm x 14,1 mm. The largest version is sized 59,5 mm x 65,5 mm x 35,1 mm. The operating temperature range is -30 °C to +25 °C respectively +45 °C.

The product comes with software support for PC interface boards from HMS, Kvaser, National Instruments, and Vector. IEC 61131-3 libraries for Beckhof, Helmholz, and Vipa are available. Maxon also provides a library for NI’s Soft Motion environment.

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