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AC motor drives

CANopen as remote control for drives

Delta’s high power AC motor drives of the C2000 and CP2000 series come with an IP54 protection cabinet and CANopen. They are configurable according to user needs.

The C2000 AC motor drives (Photo: Delta)

The C2000 series consists of high-level field oriented control AC motor drives with a high-performance variable-frequency technology, FOC control. It features driving controls, a modular design, a variety of applications, and self diagnosis. The series comes with built-in CANopen and Modbus communication and optional cards for Devicenet, Modbus TCP, and Ethernet/IP.

The CP2000 series is specifically designed for applications such as air blowers, pumps, and HVAC drives with its PID control. Communication interfaces with Modbus and Bacnet are built in. More interfaces are available: CANopen, Devicenet, Modbus TCP, and Ethernet-IP. The sensor-less Vector Control (SVC) offers timely response to load torque increase/decrease, which satisfies customer requirements for load changes while enhancing motor performance. A 3-step V/F curve response is used in the variable torque environment to adjust the input voltage.

For both series, the CANopen function works as a kind of remote control. A master can control the AC motor drives by using the CANopen protocol. CiA 301 and CiA 402 are supported. The protection cabinets are effective against dust, ash, and water; they offer low harmonics and meet EMC emission levels (C3, C2, or C1 of the EN 61800-3 standard).


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