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Motion control module

Designed for machines with limited space

Schneider Electric has introduced the Lexium Motion Module (LMM), which comes with CANopen connectivity. The company offers also starter kits for rapid prototyping.

The LMM is suitable for motion control applications, when space is measured in millimeters, rather than inches (Photo: Schneider Electric)

The motion controller board is programmable in MCode, which is also used for the MDrive products of the French enterprise. This shared platform can fast track the user’s motion concept to market: speeding proof-of-concept, reducing risk, and expediting the development process. All-in-one MDrive products can validate motion with a turning motor shaft. MCode programs are transferrable to LMM and longer lead PCBs (printed circuit boards), but require less development than chipsets. Motion system design can also be accelerated using the 1-axis or 4-axis development boards. These 24-V powered products come with CANopen interfaces. The LMM provides many features of the Lexium MDrive family, but is more compact in size.

Motors, accessories and starter kits are available to support LMM applications. Motors in NEMA sizes 8 (20 mm), 11 (28 mm), 14 (36 mm) and 17 (42 mm), pair well with 1,5-A units. Additional motor sizes and LMM power levels are deliverable. Alternate motor styles – from flat pancake to linear – are available, too.


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