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Digital servo drive

Support for various motor types

Nix is a single axis controller for high resolution dynamic positioning, precision speed, or force/torque control applications. It is available with serial, CANopen, or Ethercat interfaces.

With 75 mm x 60 mm x 14 mm, the controller is quite compact (Photo: Ingenia)

Ingenia’s (Spain) digital servo drive operates brushless (AC and DC), brushed, rotary and linear motors as well as Voice Coils. It also supports almost any feedback sensor including absolute serial encoders. Compatible feedbacks include: absolute encoders (SSI, SPI, potentiometers), incremental encoders (optical or magnetic), Hall sensors (digital or analog), tachometers, PWM, potentiometers or Sine Cosine.

The controller can be commanded through USB, CANopen, Ethercat, EIA-485, PWM or analog inputs. CiA 301, CiA 303, CiA 305, CiA 306, and CiA 402 are supported. It can be programmed to operate in standalone with the free Motion Lab software. Functions can be added by dragging the available macros that include IF, Else, reaction to digital inputs, operations, and more.


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