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4-axis module

Complies with CiA 402 and features local I/O

The Stepnet Plus (SP) 4 motion controller is based on dedicated FPGAs, which enables a footprint of only 101,6 mm x 76,2 mm x 20,8 mm.

The 4-axis controller features CANopen connectivity (Photo: Copley Controls)

Copley Controls (USA) has introduced the SP4 board-mounted stepper motor controller. It supports position, velocity, and interpolated position mode. It also features command pulses and master encoders for camming or gearing. The CANopen interface complies with CiA 402, internationally standardized in the IEC 61800-7 series. Each axis can be controlled individually.

The product is suitable for pick-and-place applications, for example. The operating voltage is 14 VDC to 55 VDC. An auxiliary power input is provided for keep-alive functionality. The continuous and peak current rating is 3 A per axis. The motion controller provides 24 digital inputs and 8 MOSFET outputs. Additionally, it is equipped with an SPI interface for one input and four outputs as well as a digital encoder interface.

The supplier’s distributed control software supports the system commissioning and eliminates the development of low-level code to control the CANopen network. All network management is accomplished with a few commands linked into the application program.

The company offers also PCI and USB interface modules with CAN connectivity to link the host computer running the development software to the CANopen network. There are two master development environments: Copley Motion Libraries (CML) source code can be compiled with a C++ application program, and Copley Motion Objects (CMO) are COM objects that can be used by Visual Basic, .NET or any COM-compliant software. For stand-alone applications, the CPL (Copley Programming Language) environment can be used. It combines the features of Basic, C, and Java. Additionally, it incorporates a set of motion functions.


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