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Mobile hydraulics

Plug amplifier and spool valve with CAN

Hawe has added two products to its range of actuators: a plug amplifier with pulse width modulation and a proportional directional spool valve. Both products have a CAN interface.

Hawe's electronic plug amplifier comes in two versions – with cable and with M12 plug (Photo: Hawe)

With the EV2S-CAN electronic plug amplifier, Hawe Hydraulik (Germany) is offering an electronics component. With two analog inputs and two current-controlled PWM outputs, users can control proportional valves. They can also read the process data from a smartphone using Bluetooth.

The electronic amplifier can control proportional solenoids, including directional valves, pressure valves, or pump controllers. The amplifier is designed as a plug and can thus be slotted onto the solenoid. It is an amplifier for all standard input signals from 0 VDC to 10 VDC, 4 mA to 20 mA, CAN network, and more. Because of its preset programs for many Hawe products, it is suitable for use with the manufacturer's product range for both mobile and industrial hydraulics, but can also be used for valves produced by other manufacturers.

The two analog inputs read in both the main control signals and also other process data. This means that it is possible to set the target values and reposition the valve controls in line with the actual temperature, pressure values, position, or speed. Only four settings need to be set during set-up operation, using push buttons, a PC, or even a smartphone, and the plug amplifier and thus the proportional valve are ready for use. Start-up operation on site is therefore possible without any specialist knowledge, says the company.

Using LEDs plus an integrated display or with Bluetooth via a smartphone, the operating status can be monitored or errors reported locally. In addition, the direct connection to the CAN network and data processing in the plug releases the central machine control.

Proportional directional spool valve for up to 800 l/min with CAN interface (Photo: Hawe)

Up to 800 l/min plus CAN onboard

Another product Hawe now offers is a proportional directional spool valve type called PSV (F). It comes with a CAN interface and in four sizes. The valve features integrated control electronics and integrated cable duct, which facilitates installation and start-up in the vehicle. The largest size PSVF 7 provides a volume flow of up to 800 l/min allowing it to control the movements of the jibs in large construction machines, drilling equipment, and mobile cranes.

The valve is employed in mobile hydraulic systems for controlling direction of motion and for the load-independent, variable control of the speed of motion of hydraulic actuators. A CAN interface is integrated directly in the valve section for connection to the master control unit and for controlling systems with decentralized valve islands, sensors, and actuators.

The valve also enables hydraulic valve operating times that are up to three times as fast as that of a conventional proportional valve. That also makes the product interesting for steering systems, says the company. Due to signal feedback, repetition accuracy is attained and programming of automatic processes is enabled. A special feature of the largest size 7 is that a volume flow of 800 l/min can be supplied via a single input section. This enables several functions to operate in parallel at full speed. The flange construction enables the individual spool valve sections to be changed since the consumer lines do not need to be dismantled. The integrated cable duct of the PSV-CAN series is patented by the company and enables the installation in vehicles. Hawe delivers the valve battery with customer-specific parameters preset. The plug-and-play function makes this product interesting for the production of large series.


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