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Motion control system

CANopen interface option

With the motion control systems of generation V 3.0, Faulhaber (Germany) offers drive systems for positioning tasks. They combine brushless DC-servomotors with tailor-made control electronics.

(Photo: Faulhaber)

The servomotors with integrated motion controller are already preconfigured, which makes direct use in the automation environment possible. They are connected via M12 round connectors. Their rugged design in accordance with IP54 meets demanding industrial requirements. A modular system makes it possible to integrate diverse motor variants. Through the motors, the power range of the Faulhaber motion control systems can be scaled up to a peak torque of 190 mNm in S2 operation.

In addition to use as a servo drive with controlled position, the speed or current can also be controlled. The actual values for speed and position are determined via integrated encoders. Limit switches and reference switches can be connected directly. The control setpoints can be preset via the communication interface such as CAN, the analog input, a PWM input or they can come from internally stored application programs, which are available in all interface variants.

For communication CANopen is supported (Photo: Faulhaber)

Supported as communication interfaces are – depending on the device – CANopen or EIA-232. Ethercat is also an available interface option with which multiple axes can be controlled synchronously via the usual cyclic modes CSP, CSV, and CST, together with, e.g. a higher-order PLC. According to the company, display functions simplify the operation and monitoring of the system in all applications. For commissioning, Manager 6.0 is used in combination with a programming adapter. Application areas for the motion control systems are for example in laboratory automation, industrial automation technology, robotics or aerospace.


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