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SPS IPC Drives 2016

Converter with 400-V output

With the CC-230-3500, Celeroton (Switzerland) extends its product portfolio with a grid-connected converter with an active input-stage (PFC) and a maximal output voltage of 400 V.

The converter drives permanent-magnet synchronous and brushless DC motors (Photo: Celeroton)

The grid-connected converter delivers an output power of 3,5 kW and an output current of 15 A. The device allows a sensor-less control of permanent-magnet synchronous machines up to speeds of 500 000 rotations per minute without overheating of sensitive motor components such as the rotor. Besides the handling of machining spindles, the operation of high-speed turbo compressors for process technology, for heat pumps, and air conditioning as well as for the air supply of fuel cells is ensured.

For communication with the master control, a CAN interface, analog and digital in- and outputs, EIA-232/485, and USB are provided. The product measures 267 mm x 205 mm x 80 mm and weighs 4,5 kg. Its operating temperature is 0 °C to +40 °C. Due to a single-phase grid-connection, the converter is well suited for applications in industry as well as in laboratory environments. The company will show the converter at the SPS IPC Drives 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany in in hall 3, stand 458. The exhibition takes place from November 22 to 24.


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