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Small drive for cramped spaces

Technosoft (Switzerland) has released the iPOS2401 MX: a drive with an integrated motion controller offering a solution for positioning applications where space is critical. It measures 19 mm x 46 mm x 8 mm.

(Photo: Technosoft)

Due to its motor control architecture, the iPOS2401 drive represents a universal control solution for a complete category of micro motors that usually do not require more than 1 A continuous current, even in dynamic regimes. Brushed DC, brushless DC, stepper, or linear motors can be controlled by the Technosoft micro-drive that supports incremental TTL encoder and digital Halls as position sensors.

One drive for any motor technology brings an advantage in terms of reducing the stock diversity as well as the implementation time due to a unique user interface for all axes. The iPOS2401 is designed for high-end applications offering motion control performance for stand-alone, single, or multi-axis applications in CAN or Ethercat (optional) bus configurations.

Besides the 9-cm2 surface, another advantage is the plug-in capability of the drive that offers flexibility in terms of integration into the user’s motherboard where the size, shape, and connectors can be customized to correspond to the application requirements.