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Compressor and pump

Auxiliaries for busses and trucks

Moteg (Germany) offers the Compaux series of auxiliaries for busses and trucks: The electric compressor Eair and the hydraulic pump Eservo can both be controlled via CAN.

The Eair electric compressor receives its power supply from a HV battery (Photo: Moteg)

The members of the Compaux series are high-voltage DC powered and have a low noise level. The devices can be controlled via CAN or J1939, depending on the application, and aim to reduce fuel consumption in hybrid electric vehicles. Only one converter is required for two auxiliaries.

Eair is an electric compressor for electric utility vehicles measuring 530 mm x 360 mm x 411 mm. It has a noise level of 68 dB. Eservo, a hydraulic pump for busses and trucks, measures 616 mm x 420 mm x 330 mm. The noise level of the servo’s low noise version is only 61 dB. An integrated valve reduces hose and piping efforts. The devices reduces the pulsation and noise level due to a high number of teeth.


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