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Integrated stepper motor supports CANopen

JVL (Denmark) has released the MIS23X stepper motor series, which comprises optionally an absolute multi-turn encoder. It comes with a safe-torque off input function.

The IP65-rated stepper motor features a resolution of 409 600 steps per rotation (Photo: JVL)

The products are torque controlled and are optionally connectable to a CANopen host controller. The CiA 402 profile is supported. All the necessary electronics in a stepper system is integrated in the motor. The customer can choose between top or rear-end mounted M12 connectors. The products come in three different sizes and two different motor types; three with high-torque stepper motors (1,1 Nm/102 mm, 1,6 Nm/122 mm, or 2,5 Nm/170 mm) and two versions with even higher torque stepper motors (1,6 Nm/102 mm resp. 2,5/122 mm).

The eight local I/O channels can be individually configured as digital input, digital output, or 12-bit analog input. An optional feature is the double-shaft and absolute multi-turn (or single-turn) encoder. The supply voltage ranges from 7 VDC to 72 VDC. The maximum motor current is 6 A (peak: 8,5 A). The stepper motors features close-loop operations. The speed precision is 0,01 min-1 and the acceleration precision is min-1/s.


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