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Stand-alone battery module

NEC Energy Solutions offers the ALM family of lithium-ion batteries. The ALM 12V35 delivers advantages over lead-acid batteries.

The battery’s operating temperature is -40 °C to +60 °C (Photo: NEC)

According to the company, the lithium-ion battery offers the following advantages: high-energy capacity even under high discharge rate and deep cycling, service life in both cycling and float applications, as well as Ever Safe Battery Technology with protection at the cell, battery, and system level. The ALM 12V35 product line offers up to twice the usable energy, 50 times greater cycle life, and 100 times faster charging than typical lead-acid batteries, says NEC. The company adopted the CANopen stack developed by ES Academy in the product.

The battery is available in standard (s), intelligent (i), and High Power (HP) series to match application requirements. The i-Series offers integrated CAN or SMbus communications for access to critical battery status, usage tracking, State of Charge (SOC), run time to empty, and other parameters. Power delivery at up to 210-A discharge rates while maintaining 100 % of rated capacity, requiring fewer batteries for backup runtime from 10 min to 8 h. The ALM 12V35 with 35 Ah of usable capacity is available in a standard 12 V lead-acid battery package.


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