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Battery storage

Rack-integrated energy storage

The HR Energy Storage Racks by NEC Energy Solutions are an integrated battery storage system. They offer energy storage for a range of high-rate, high-power applications.

(Photo: NEC)

The storage racks are elements of NEC Energy’s GBS integrated grid-scale energy storage systems. The products include battery modules utilizing the Nanophosphate technology. They also include a battery management system (BMS) that continuously monitors voltage, temperature, and system conditions and performs cell balancing Nested safety features provide layered protection at the cell, module, BMS, and rack level. CAN communication takes place between the BMS and the host control system.

The HR Energy Storage Racks are available in two configurations. The first is a 700-V (nominal) rack offering 5-kW continuous power (102 kW maximum, charge or discharge) with 26 kWh of available energy. The second is a 950-V (nominal) rack offering 68-kW continuous power (136 kW maximum, charge or discharge) with 34 kWh of available energy.


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