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Inverter and servo drive

With special functions for plastic extrusion and injection

Gefran offers the ADV200 inverter as well as the AVX300 servo drive. Both products communicate via a CAN interface.

The AXV300 servo drive for synchronous and asynchronous motors (Photo: Gefran)

Gefran offers many versions of its ADV200 inverter, with scalable models and a range of power levels for different industries. A designed control card with 24-V power supply protects the inverter by checking for condensation even without current. The company also offers the AVX300 multi-axis servo drives for synchronous and asynchronous motors.

The ADV200LC liquid-cooled inverter offers a power range of 30 kW to 1800 kW. Developed specifically for use in plastic extrusion plants and injection presses, the inverter exploits the fact that many of these plants already have liquid cooling systems. The control card guarantees a 24-V power supply to the inverter even in the absence of the primary power supply, thereby safeguarding the CAN network, control, and important safety devices. Software also keeps the formation of condensation under control in the inverter, preventing possible malfunctions even before the connection to the power electronics.

The ADV200LC liquid-cooled inverter, with power range of 30 kW to 1800 kW (Photo: Gefran)

The company also implements supplementary functions that make the plastic extrusion process more efficient. In addition to scalable functions that adapt the inverter’s software to the existing plant, and settable torque limits at starting or braking, Gefran has also optimized the torque setting for synchronous and asynchronous motors without speed feedback. Precision settings ensure that these functions protect the system’s mechanical components.

The AXV300 series of multiaxis servo drives for synchronous and asynchronous motors offers various axis control functions plus front-end technology, providing energy efficiency by regenerating energy to the grid, said the company. The braking resistance prevents additional losses. These drives are available in seven sizes, with rated current of 5 A to 200 A and power levels up to 120 kW, and integrate with common PLC architectures via communication on CAN. All AXV300 models can be combined with SBM (Brusatori) or SM (SIEI AREG) series servomotors.


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