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CANopen interface for vacuum pump

This is an old and with each project returning question. You can integrate the interface in your device’s MCU, develop an add-on module, or buy such a module.

The modular Lemcom vacuum pump with embedded CANopen interface (Photo: Isit)

Equipping your product with communication interfaces requires a fast analysis of market targets for developed equipment. Today there are many network protocols and it is often necessary to be compatible with many of them in the simplest way possible. This can be achieved in different ways depending on the technical and financial criteria. Solutions are either to develop an additional “communication board”, buy such a board from specialized manufacturers or build a device with a processor, which is also able to communicate on the selected communication technology in addition to process management.

Coval decided to equip its Lemcom vacuum pump with an embedded CANopen interface using the already existing hardware resources of the product. For the design of the network interface, the company cooperated closely with Isit. The Lemcon is the first vacuum pump with CANopen connectivity. The vacuum pump is based on a product structure based on a CANopen coupler and additional vacuum secondary pumps. The master pump module has the responsibility to manage the CANopen communication, the communication with the secondary pumps, and its own fully-integrated vacuum pump. The two CANopen connectors enable a continuous network chaining. The secondary pumps are connected to the master pump via the Coval bus.

If you want to read the full article with detailed information, you can download the PDF here or the full magazine.

Franck Montagne, Maurice Lauze (Isit)

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