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Stepper pump

With CANopen connectivity

The STH metering pump by Fluid Metering Inc. (FMI) provides a speed of 10 rotations per minute to 1200 rotations per minute. An optional stepper controller is available.

The flow-rate of the smart pump is 25 µl/min to 240 ml/min (Photo: Fluid Metering Inc.)

The STH and STQ flow pumps by the US-company are designed for OEMs in medical, analytical, and instrumentation applications. The optional ICST02 stepper controller is programmable in Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi, and Labview. The software developed on a PC can be downloaded via the EIA-232 serial interface. The drive also can be configured at the factory to achieve the desired speed range. It comes with a CANopen interface. The product is equipped with five configurable 5-V to 36-V inputs and two configurable digital outputs. Additionally, it provides one 12-bit analog output. These I/O functions can be configured application-specific. For example, the digital inputs can be used to start sensing the system pressure at outlet of pump or to turn-on/off the metering pump. The metering pump is according to the supplier resonance free and energy efficient.


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