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Vertical axis

Basic reciprocator with CAN control unit

The vertical reciprocator ZA10 by Gema (Switzerland) is suitable for starting the automation of powder coating. It comes with a CAN-based control unit.

The ZA10 comes with a CAN-based control unit (Photo: Gema)

The standard size of the axes (stroke = 1800 mm) allows a loading capacity of up to 30 kg (six automatic guns). The vertical reciprocator comes with a CAN control unit and drive technology. Due to the high efficiency during continuous operation this drive technology excels conventionally used AC induction motors, said the company. The ZA10 is suitable for short and long stroke operation. The slim column design allows a space-saving arrangement of the guns. The reciprocator distinguishes itself by its design and integration into existing coating systems. The Optimove control unit is based on CAN and allows a free axis programming and the storage of up to 255 individual programs. The interface of the position regulator comes with a CANopen connector.


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