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Battery charger

Comes with CAN interface

Delta-Q Technologies (Taiwan) showed its CAN-connectable battery chargers at the Logimat 2017 in Stuttgart (Germany).

The battery charger (Photo: Delta-Q)

The RC900 and RC1200 chargers are designed for use in electric lift trucks (pallet trucks and ride-on pallet jacks), and other material handling vehicles, including automated guided vehicles (AGVs), utility vehicles, and burden carriers. The two models in the RC series provide 900 W respectively 1200 W of DC output power. Both products are available in 36-V and 48-V models. The chargers, which are capable of being used on-board or off-board, provide a CAN interface.

“Built with our customer requirements and price points in mind, we have expanded the Delta-Q product line to include the RC series,” saai Trent Punnett from Delta-Q “Unlike other options on the market, the RC series can help strengthen the competitive advantage of our manufacturers, providing them with the ability to differentiate machines, simplify maintenance, and maximize lifespan.” The chargers are designed to charge lithium-ion and lead acid batteries. The devices are IP66-rated. The mechanical design and component selection resists vibration, shock, and temperature extremes.


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