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Rotary actuator

With absolute encoder

The RD6 device by Lika Electronic (Italy) comprises a BLDC motor, a multi-turn absolute encoder, and a position control unit. One of the communication options is CANopen.

The device comes with a CANopen interface (Photo: Lika)

Available in two versions with 157 W and 250 W power rating the drive is designed for applications with limited space. The 70-mm size square flange and the 14-mm shaft can be coupled with any 1- and 2-stage planetary gearboxes available in the market. The rugged anodized aluminum housing complies to IP54 protection rate.

The 24-VDC brushless motor is available in two sizes: 157-W rated power, 0,5-Nm rated torque or 250-W rated power, 0,8-Nm rated torque. Both motors feature 3000 rotations per minute. The encoder for motor feedback provides an overall 28-bit resolution (4096 counts per revolution and 65536 revolutions). It offers a real multi-turn functionality that does not require any battery or counter.

Besides the CANopen interface, there is an EIA-232 port for set-up and configuration purposes. The drive features over-temperature, over-current, over-, and under-voltage protection. It also can detect communication failures. The device implements a boot-loader, so the user can upgrade the firmware.

The RD6 rotary actuator is designed for positioning systems, change-over applications and linear guides. Typical applications include packaging lines, wood and metalworking machinery, paper machinery, material handling equipment, ben­ding machines, filling and bottling plants, mold changers, mobile stops, tool changers, spindle positioning devices, etc.


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